Our forum

At the Crossing Borders Academy Forum you will have the opportunity to discuss with other forum members and share your knowledge. For this forum we use the Linkedin group Crossing Borders Academy. You can also follow us on Twitter.

First reactions

1. Casper de Vries, stand-alone organizer of cross-border art and cultural events:
Magnificent. How super that you share your knowledge this way. Nice project!

2. Todd Walters, Executive Director of International Peace Park Expeditions:
Thanks so much for all your amazing work and resources. International Peace Park Expeditions would like to learn about how we can become an active member of the Academy, how we can share our accredited academic expeditions and our service learning expeditions in international peace parks around the world. Please let me know what I can do.

3. New handbook on cross-border partnerships (Water Governance Blog):
Jan van der Molen and Hannah Ietswaart, two civil servants working at the Dutch Water Board Velt and Vecht, published a handbook on cross-border partnerships. In this handbook they combine the insights which they have gained during many years of involvement in cross-border projects with up to date theoretical knowledge on network management, change management, partnerships and cross-border cooperation. Read more...